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Brian's Garden & Landscaping can design, install, repair and service your residential and commercial irrigation systems in Yakima, Selah, & Naches, WA

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Landscaping & Maintenance

Your lawn is in good hands with Brian's Garden & Landscaping. We also offer pruning, landscaping and cleanup services in Yakima, Selah, & Naches, Washington

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Spray Work

We're happy to help keep pests and weeds at bay in the Yakima, Selah, & Naches, WA area through spraying and soil injection.

Luscious Lawns and Gorgeous Gardens

Brian's Garden & Landscaping is making the Yakima, Selah, & Naches, WA area greener

Brian’s Garden & Landscaping works hard to approve the appearance of your home or office’s exterior. We’ll provide a range of property improvement and maintenance services, including irrigation system installation and repair, lawn care and maintenance, pruning, weed control and more. We pride ourselves on customer service and high-quality work. Call Brian’s Garden & Landscaping at 509-930-2514 for your Yakima, Selah, & Naches, WA landscaping needs.

5 reasons to install a water irrigation system in your backyard

When you have an irrigation system installed at your residential or commercial property, there's no more forgetting to set out sprinklers or watching wasted water trickle down the streets and sidewalks. A properly installed system puts the focus on areas where you need water most, on your schedule. Some added benefits of an irrigation system include its ability to:

  1. Save time
  2. Conserve water
  3. Keep costs down
  4. Improve lawn health
  5. Ease your mind

Contact Brian's Garden & Landscaping today for an estimate on an irrigation system in Yakima, Selah, & Naches, WA.

3 benefits of a healthy lawn

A thriving lawn won’t just improve your curb appeal. Did you know there are other benefits of having a healthy lawn? Here are three ways maintaining your lawn can improve your property:

  1. Increased soil stability helps prevent erosion
  2. A healthy lawn has the same cooling effect as an 8.5-ton air conditioning compressor
  3. Lawns act as natural filters for dust and pollutants

Discover how Brian’s Garden & Landscaping can help you create a greater outdoor area today.